Parish Finances

Annual Accounts The accounts have now been signed off and submitted to the Archdiocese for 2015. These show a significant increase in funds to £25.4k, including £5.7k in the building fund. A significant donation from the Social Club and proceeds from the sale of the Parish car were a big boost to our funds. Gift Aid contributed £4k in the year and I would encourage as many tax payers as possible to sign up to this, please see John Tominey if you would like a form. We again spent significant amounts on maintaining the buildings and furnishings to ensure our assets are kept in a good state of repair. This year could be more financially challenging, though, with income likely to fall due to the reduced weekly attendances since Vigil Mass was removed. However, we should see a reduction in our day to day expenses as we now share these costs with Broxburn. Hopefully the net impact on our funds will allow us to maintain healthy balances and continue to be a financially viable Parish. A summary set of accounts can be viewed in the porch.